Brutus is a Australian cattle dog and zoomit-catching dog who first appeared in "Zipper the Zoomit Dog."

Personality Edit Edit

Brutus as a puppy was enthusiastic about catching zoomits (frisbees) and was shown to be eager to learn from Squirt. However, during a competition, he made Squirt miss a catch, causing him to run away and leave his former owner (Trevor "The Dude" Dudovich) all to himself.

As an adult, Brutus is very hostile to Squirt and Zipper, and is fully prepared to play dirty. He later reveals that the reason he's so hostile is because he wants to keep his owner, Trevor.

Profile Edit Edit

Brutus is first seen in "Zipper the Zoomit Dog." A flashback showed him using his cunning to get Squirt to train him to catch zoomits, and then when Squirt was attempting a catch, Brutus made him crash.

Years later, Squirt returned with a new zoomit dog Zipper. When Zipper tried to catch a zoomit thrown by Trevor, Brutus stopped her and berated her, to the point of her running away. However, during the competition, Brutus apologized to Squirt, admitted his selfishness, and said he really does love Trevor and doesn't ever want to lose him, proving he's not all bad.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • In "Squawk", Brutus appears in a crowd shot alongside Barlow, Sterling Von Oxnard, Twiggy, and Taboo.
  • Brutus is Squirt`s rival and antagonist in episode Zipper the Zoomit Dog.

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