Chip is a puppy who was the young partner-in-crime and (unbeknownst to him) son of Slick, which also makes him Lucky's half-brother. He appeared in "I Never Barked for My Father."

Personality EditEdit

Chip is a lot like Slick. He knows how to charm others, using his cute puppy face to lull humans and dogs alike, leaving them open for Slick to take what they need. He is very loyal to Slick; but when he finds a potential family, he would like to stay with them, and Slick agrees.

Profile EditEdit

After a day of tricking humans out of food, Chip and Slick found themselves being chased by dog catchers. They hid at Shelter 17, Chip's cuteness helping to convince the Pound Puppiesto let them stay. When Lucky arrived, Slick claimed that Chip wanted to be adopted. Chip protested at first, then realized Slick was only pretending, and played along.

During his stay at the Pound, Chip strayed outside and was captured by the head dog catcher. Slick and Lucky worked together to find him, only to discover he had bonded with the dog catcher's children. The puppy, unsure about whether or not he should stay, was reassured by Slick that staying with his new family was the right thing to do, and Slick told Chip that he would come back whenever he needed him.

Trivia EditEdit

  • According to Slick, Chip was the runt of his litter, and was the only one not to get adopted.