[Previously on What's New Pound Puppies?]

Lucky: "Ghosts and Monsters" See the evil sprint? 

Dot: But that's just an old puppy's tale!

Lucky: It means that she is a ghost and it's about to return from the graveyard.

Lucky: But just to be sure, give this message from McLeish.

Dot: Don't you worry there, Lucky! I should deliver this letter to Leonard McLeish won't he be so happy once we give him a letter!?

Rebound: (Gasps long time)

Dot: You're the Pound Puppies!!! I thought you guys are a legend!!!

Lucky: Oh no. We're real alright. Whenever there's a puppy who needs a home, we'll be the ones who will find them one.

Leonard McLeish: Great! A party when all the dogs can talk... Which I am about to reveal the secret to their headquarters.

Cookie: It's gone!!

Katrina: (Laughs evily)

Niblet: Oh no!!! The Stonehearts!!!

Katrina, Brattnia and Catgut: (Laughs evily as we go to the original theme music of the Pound Puppies)

[Note: The song is an instrumental. Military style dog barks provide the first few notes of percussion.]

Title: "Pound Puppies" (Continuing of where we last left off the Pound Puppies and Dot Henderson along with The Super Secret Pup Club; The Ghost of Katrina Stoneheart, Brattnia and Catgut still laughs evily as they still are inside their headquarters of Shelter 17)

Dolly: Seize them! Only they know where the statues are! (All the dogs seize Katrina, Brattnia and Catgut but it pass right through them because they are ghosts)

Leonard McLeish: I'm so scared.

Dot: MOMMY!! DADDY!! (Runs out of the secret headquarters outside as she saw three ghost)

Squirt: The monsters will raise and get rid of us magent mutts forever? (Saw Dot running out of shelter 17 secret headquarters) And where does she think she's going?

Leonard McLeish: I'm getting outta here! (Runs out of the shelter 17 secret headquarters by following Dot)

Lucky: Hey! Dot, Wait! (Follows Dot and Leonard McLeish out of the secret headquarters)

Cookie: Now where is Lucky running off too?

Niblet: I'm not sure. Let's follow him.

Strudel: Right! (They do so as we cut to Dot and Lucky outside the pound at shelter 17)

Dot: Oh, Mr. McChewy McFluffster! I saw three ghost!!

Lucky: This isn't good. How can we stop the ghost of Katrina Stoneheart?

Squirt: (To Lucky) And how did you know about Katrina Stoneheart, Lucky? Is your perfect human a spy!?

Cookie: (Stopped Squirt) Whoa now, Squirt. She ain't no spy. But Lucky does knows what's going on. Don't you, Lucky?

Lucky: I read all about the predictions of Katrina Stoneheart herself. Strudel's contraptions are the only things that can stop these three ghosts. But I don't know where they are. I don't even know what they do.

Strudel: Looks like we have a new mission.

Squirt: What new mission?

Strudel: A pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup!

Niblet: I like the old model better.

Rebound: We know. We Pound Puppies must stop all the monsters and ghosts or Shelter 17 is doomed!!

Cupcake: And I think we know just the human that can help us. Dot Henderson.

Dot: Why me?

Patches: You're the obvious choice. You live next door in our pound in your mansion and... Oh yeah! You're the only perfect person who understands Dogs!

Rebound: Please say you'll help! Please O Please O Please!! (She, Cupcake and Patches make sad cute faces and make whining noises)

Dot: ......

Cookie: What do you say, Dot?

Dot: ... Okay okay, I'll help.

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Lucky: I knew we can count on you, Dot. But for now let's keep this our little secret between you and us Pound Puppies.

Dot: Yeah. Leonard McLeish knows that dogs can talk. I'll be in trouble when my mom and dad see you talking. (Scene cuts back to the secret headquarters which is really the Free Kid Database or FKD for short)

[Note: FKD is the invention for find pups a perfect person]

Strudel: This Dot, is the Free Kid Database or FKD for short. It's the invention for finding pups a perfect person indeed.

Dot: Coooooooooooool.

Squirt: So now we're using the FKD as a monster and ghost catcher.

Patches: Allow me. (Presses a button) According to the FKD there a few simple rules by solving mysteries about monsters and ghosts. Each Pound Puppy and Super Secret Pup Club had special talents. Leadership, Building Traps, Eating, Love and Toughest.

Rebound: And Playing. Don't forget playing together.

Patches: Oh yeah. Playing like Rebound's talent.

Cupcake: Don't forget acting on Television. That's my talent.

Patches: Acting on Television like Cupcake's talent. As for me... My favorite talent wearing disguises and sneaking up to humans.

Squirt: I call for toughest.

Strudel: Building inventions for traps is my favorite kind of talent. I'll take that one.

Cookie: GIRL, you're talking my language!

Niblet: Ooh ohh I know. Cookie's talent is love! Mine is eating and running away and traps.

Patches: As for Lucky, His talent of Leadership of the Pound Puppies of finding pups a perfect home for every person.

Lucky: Well since you put it that way. Leadership it is. For me. But what the heck? I'll take the leadership as ghost and monster catching.

Dot: Wow! You Pound Puppies are heroes!

Lucky: Thanks, Dot. Alright then. It's time we catch the ghost of Katrina Stoneheart. Strudel, get the ghost catcher vacuum cleaner, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt we need ghost repellent. Everybody else... Go Dogs Go! (And so the Pound Puppies, Dot and the Super Secret Pup Club got out of the secret headquarters and the pound as they went out to catch the three ghosts of stonehearts until the ghost of Katrina Stoneheart hears about their first mission as ghost and monster catching)

Katrina: Go Dogs Go??? FKD??? Ugh! If Lucky and the other dogs think they can stop us from taking over this pound our lives as a ghost would be over. Then there's no money for our new spooky hotel to live in! We must stop those soul called new Pound Puppies from shelter 17. But how?

Brattnia: How's about we start by break the ghost repellent and the ghost catcher vacuum cleaner by breaking em, mommy dearest?

Catgut: Meow.

Katrina: Don't worry, Brattnia and Catgut. Once we get rid of the new Pound Puppies as they fail this mission, I would build us our new haunted hotel to make a lot of money! To the museum my ghosts! (As they floated all the way to the museum we cut back to Leonard McLeish and Olaf back in the office)

Leonard McLeish: You know, Olaf? I've finally found out the secret headquarters of the secret identity of the which you call... Pound Puppies.

Olaf: Pound Puppies, Mr. McLeish? But they are just ordinary pups.

Leonard McLeish: Not any more they aren't. I know their words that they just said because dogs can talk. Olaf, get the Mayor. We're going to make a fortune to see that dogs can talk. Then the people will know and hear that dogs can talk then my life as a dog catcher would be over. (Then we cut back to the Pound Puppies, Dot and the Super Secret Pup Club walking on the sidewalk with the ghost catching kit on their backs)

Rebound: I can't believe that this is our first mission as ghost catchers. This is going to be so must fun!

Cupcake: And serious. And we're bring along Lucky's perfect person along with us.

Patches: If we're gonna solve the mystery of ghosts and monsters they're few simple rules. One. Always split up and search for clues. Two. Create a trap then we unmask the monster to see what evil person it is. And three. Get back to the adoption to find the pups their perfect person.

Squirt: I don't get it. And I don't see why we bringing you pups along for our first mission as ghost catchers along side Dot Henderson.

Lucky: Now, Squirt. We're all in this together. Remember we're the Pound Puppies and our first job of ghost catchers is a go.

Cookie: Then we'll go back to what we do best. Finding a perfect person for every pups.

Strudel: We're here! The museum. Our mystery begins here.

Niblet: I was hoping we can find some clues to this mystery too.

Dot: Look at the size of this place! It's Huge!

Rebound: It's better than huge. It's humongous! Let's go in! (Runs toward the inside of the museum)

Niblet: Rebound! Come back! (Runs toward the inside of the museum following Rebound)

Patches: Let's go dogs go! (He, Cupcake, Lucky, Cookie, Squirt, Strudel and Dot went inside the museum as they caught up with Niblet and Rebound)

Lucky: You know, Patches that's my line you're saying. I'm the leader here I should say it.

Cookie: And you, Niblet you and Rebound shouldn't have run off inside the museum. Every humans will know we're here.

Niblet and Rebound: Sorry.

Squirt: Yeah you should be. Now we need to focus on catching the ghost of Katrina Stoneheart.

Lucky: All right then. Let's split up. Dot you and the Super Secret Pup Club go check in the painting room. Cookie, you're with me. Squirt, you and Strudel go with Niblet.

Dot: Okay-dokey, Mr. Chewy McFluffster!

Lucky: Okay then. Let's go! (So the Pound Puppies split up while Dot and the Super Secret Pup Club checked the painting room to find some ghost who are in here)

Katrina: Excellent! We have them right where we want them! (Laughs evily as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back where we cut to Strudel, Squirt and Niblet searching for some clues from the art room)

Niblet: Wow. Strudel, to think we are splitting up for some clues for the very first time. I've never thought I'd say this but what the difference between three ghost who took our statue before the party started in our secret headquarters?

Squirt: I don't even know what splitting up means to me but we must do what Lucky said to do once we solve the mystery.

Strudel: There's only three clues we need to find from the disappearance of our statue for our celebration. Now let's see here. There must be one somewhere here.

Niblet: I don't get it.

Squirt: What's she looking for anyhow?

Strudel: Ah-ha!!! (Founds the first clue which is gold paint) Our first clue!

Niblet: Gold paint? I still don't get it.

Squirt: It must be the gold paint painted from our statue.

Strudel: Exactly. (Then we cut to Lucky and Cookie at the prehistoric room)

Cookie: (Sniffing out) Hey, Lucky! Check this out. I've found the clue from the missing statue.

Lucky: What's that?

Cookie: It's some words on this square thingy. It says "To the Pound Puppies and their work in finding adoptions for their perfect person for every pup".

Lucky: That must be the second clue from the disappearance of our statue.

Cookie: Now come on we better get back to the others. (She and Lucky ran back to Strudel, Squirt and Niblet to find some answers from the missing statue)

Strudel: I'm thinking that we have found the answer to our statue's disappearance.

Squirt: Yeah like it was some ghost who have stolen it from our pound celebration at shelter 17.

Niblet: The mystery's getting harder then we thought. Where have we seen this before?

Cookie: I am guessing there's something about this so familiar about three ghosts from the graveyard.

Lucky: I know. Hey where are the other three pups?

Squirt: They must be searching for our third and last clue of this mystery upstairs with Dot.

Lucky: Time to move out! I don't know how but we gotta find the three pups. So let's... Go Dogs Go! (He, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel went upstairs part of the museum as we cut to Dot, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches searching for the last clue of the missing statue)

Patches: There must be the last clue around here somewhere upstairs I just know it.

Cupcake: The missing peaces of the statue must lead to the final clue.

Rebound: I know isn't this very exciting having us split up is very important for solving mysteries from three ghost hiding our statue is not a good thing.

Dot: Hmm. Hey what's that!?! (From what she was pointing too, she ran toward the five statues of the pound puppies made of gold who are the statues of; Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel and three little statues who are the super secret pup club made of gold who are; Patches, Cupcake and Rebound) Ooh! That's one big clue!

Patches: Hey! These statues look just like us.

Cupcake: I wonder who left them inside the statue upstairs.

Rebound: These statues look just like us only smaller.

Dot: Wait till the legendary Pound Puppies sees that we've have found the last clue.

Katrina: Ugly roomers! that's exactly my cue to get rid of you Pound Puppies once and for all. (Appears right in front of Dot and the Super Secret Pup Club)

Patches: Katrina Stoneheart!

Katrina: And since you had found the three clues together, I have but no choice but to stop you right here.

Rebound: You and what army? (Then Brattnia and Catgut appear right between Katrina)

Patches: (To Rebound) You had to ask?

Brattnia: Way to go, mommy dearest!


Cupcake: Let's bark at em. (She, Rebound and Patches ran after the three ghosts as they starting barking)

Katrina: Oh please. Give me a break. (Snaps as her ghost magic zaps Rebound, Cupcake and Patches as they and the three ghosts; Katrina, Brattnia and Catgut disappear)

Dot: Uh-oh. Where did they go? (Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel finally came up the stairs)

Lucky: Finally we got here as quick as we could.

Cookie: Where are the pups?

Dot: You might want to hold that thought on that we found the third and last clue. Three ghosts took Patches, Cupcake and Rebound. (Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel looked at each other panicky as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to Rebound, Cupcake and Patches who are upstairs finding the last clue)

Patches: Lucky said we split up and search for the clue we're looking for. That last one must be around here somewhere.

Cupcake: We could get in very much trouble when we ran off.

Rebound: Whenever I get in trouble, I'd tired to stop the fraud princess which is really the male dog.

Patches: Aww, girls. We're the Super Secret Pup Club for crying out loud. We're not afraid of anything.

Cupcake: Except for Katrina Stoneheart.

Rebound: She's a ghost! Great see-sirs ghost she could be anywhere looking for pups like us.

Patches: She all ready has. (The ghost of Katrina Stoneheart spots all three puppies in one single spot)

Katrina: Don't count on it, young puppies!! I have you right where I want you!!

Rebound: Katrina! (She, Cupcake and Patches growled at her)

Katrina: It's just you and me and my army family of ghost now! (Brattnia and Catgut appear right between her)


Brattnia: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Patches: Looks like we have to give it everything we trained for as Pound Puppies in training.

Cupcake and Rebound: Right! (So they and Patches did whatever they could as Pound Puppies in Training like jumping around the three ghosts, rolling over, and barking)

Katrina: Oh come on this is getting way old. You Pound Puppies would never solve the mystery by getting rid of us ghost. (Then Rebound, Cupcake and Patches saw Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel coming by)

Patches: You think you ghost can scare us just like that? Well, you're wrong. Because the sprints of the Pound Puppies are right... here!!

Katrina: What? (Lucky arrives behind the three pups)

Patches: Lucky, he's a leader of the Pound Puppies without any doubt. represents the sprint of Leadership! (Cookie arrives next to Lucky and growls)

Cupcake: Cookie, she's my older sister as a guard dog herself. represents the sprint of Toughest! (Niblet arrives next to Lucky on the right barking)

Rebound: Niblet, a shaggy old English dog with a funny accent. represents the sprint of Eating! (Squirt arrives next to Rebound acting tough)

Patches: Squirt or should we say... wings. Has the ability to fly up into the air. represents the sprint of Love! (Strudel arrives next to Cupcake) And Strudel who was great at inventing stuff along with her squirrels. represents the sprint of Inventing Traps! The sprints of these five dogs got us through every challenge you through at us!

Katrina: You still don't have the sixth sprint. Your training didn't work!

Rebound: But it did! A different kind of training.

Cupcake: I felt it the very moment we realized how happy we wear to hear you, to see you, how much we cared about you.

Patches: The sprint ignited inside us when we realized that you all... are the Pound Puppies. You see Katrina Stoneheart, when those Elements are ignited by the... the sprint, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of...!

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Playful!!! (Then the vacuum activates as it sucks out three ghosts who are Katrina Stoneheart, Brattnia and Catgut)

Katrina, Brattnia and Catgut: Nooo! Nooo!

Dot: Bye bye, ghost of Katrina Stoneheart. (Laughs)

Squirt: Ugh! My head.

Lucky: Everyone, okay?

Cookie: Thank goodness.

Niblet: Hey look! Your Collars! Those look just like the super secret pup club earned. They've turned completely gold!

Strudel: And so do yours, Niblet. Only it's sliver.

Niblet: (Gasps and saw his collar) I guess you're right.

Rebound: Look at mine! Look at mine!

Cupcake: Aw yeah!

Patches: Gee Lucky, I thought you were just spoutin' a lot of hooey, but I reckon we really do represent the sprint of mystery solving.

Agatha: (Off-Screen) Indeed you do. (Came by On-Screen)

Rebound: (Gasps) Agatha!! (Runs toward Agatha)

Agatha: Rebound. I thought I've found you here in the museum.

Lucky: Actually, we solve the mystery for the very first time.

Agatha: (Heard and realized that Dogs can talk) I didn't know dogs can talk.

Rebound: We can do a lot of things.

Niblet: And now she knows dogs can talk.

Dot: Boy! Secrets can be reveal to somebody's mother.

Rebound: Agatha. Let's just keep this dog talking in words a secret to the McLeish family. Okay?

Agatha: Of course, Rebound.

Rebound: Hey, you know what this calls for? A party! (Music and cheering puppies and dogs back in shelter 17 as they celebrate for their party as the mystery of the three ghosts of the stone-hearts solved. As for the Super Secret Pup Club they feel down until Dolly walk toward them)

Dolly: Why so down, Super Secret Pup Club? Aren't you not happy that the mystery is solved and you can resume the adoption as the Pound Puppies you are?

Patches: That's just it. Just when we learned about ghosts and monsters to the only perfect person Dot Henderson, we have to resume the adoption.

Dolly: I thought so. Dot darling, take a note please. (Dot Henderson does so and writes down a new mission for the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club) I, General Dolly hear by decree that the three young puppies the Super Secret Pup Club along with the five best team of dogs who found the pup for every person and a person for every pup the Pound Puppies shall take on a new mission here in Shelter 17. They must continue to study ghosts and monsters to catch and must report me to their findings from their new team as mystery solvers!

(Dogs cheer)

Patches: Really, Dolly you really mean it?!

Rebound: Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Dolly!

Cupcake: Thanks, General Dolly! We'll study harder than ever before!

(Dogs cheer again)

Leonard McLeish: (Sees the Dogs in Shelter 17) Hmph. And I wouldn't got away with it too! If it weren't for those Talking Dogs cheering for themselves.

Olaf: No worries, sir. Like they said. Once a Pound Puppy always a Pound Puppy.

Leonard McLeish: I'll spend the rest of my day as a ghost catcher too.

Olaf: ... What's a ghost catcher?