(The episode begins on a boat in the water near the ocean. Captain Pete is searching for the treasure near the nearest island in the land along with his dog Salty)

Captain Pete: (Looks through the telescope) Captain's Log! I'd be Captain Pete here who was searching for the treasure near the foggy weather in the mist. No. They say they sometimes dogs and seagulls be on this ship looking for some monster in the high seas. Salty me dog, keep an sharp eye out for some sea monster in the water will ya's?

Salty: (Barks as he does so)

Captain Pete: Ahh it is the very foggy weather searching for the treasure isn't it? (Suddenly, some sea monster in the water is about to raise from the inside)

Salty: (Barks)

Captain Pete: What is it, Salty?

Salty: (Barks. As the sea monster pops up out of the water. And there it was "The Krakken")

Krakken: (Roaring)

Captain Pete: Drat! That be the krakken at the hide seas! Battle Stations Salty me boy.

Salty: (Growls at the Krakken)

Krakken: (Roars as he wrecks Captain Pete's ship)

Captain Pete: Arrgh! We're hit! Abandon ship me buck-o!

Salty: (Barks as he jumps out of the ship and into the water and so did Captain Pete and they swam away to get some help)

Krakken: (Roaring as we go to the theme song of "What's New Pound Puppies?")

Lyrics #1: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #2: What's new pound puppies? we're gonna follow you you're gonna solve that mystery we see you pound puppies we're coming after you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #3: Don't look back, you may find another clue The perfect person, will be waiting here for you!

Lyrics #4: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

All Lyrics: na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na What's new pound puppies?!!!

Title: "What's New Pound Puppies"

(Then we cut to the place of Shelter 17 where Leonard McLeish is carrying Spoons and Bumper all the way to the kennel until his assistant Olaf is here along with the Pound Puppies and Super Secret Pup Club next to him)

Leonard McLeish: Olaf! Put these two furry little creatures into the kennel would you?

Olaf: Uh... I dunno sir, they look kinda cute and cuddly when they are together.

Leonard McLeish: I don't care. Look! Their owner Suzanne is out with her mom today on vacation to Florida. So I want you to keep an eye on them and those other dogs too.

Olaf: Sure thing, Mr. McLeish! (He took Spoons and Bumper and put them inside the kennel of Shelter 17) There you are little ones. Safe and sound. (Now he and Leonard McLeish headed back to the office as Patches started narrating)

Patches Narrating: Pound Puppies log. We were in the kennel here in Shelter 17 waiting for some puppy and or kitten who names are Bumper and Spoons. There's a new mystery we were about to solve today in the docks as Spoons and I are in the Super Secret Pup Club team.

Lucky: Hey there, Bumper. How was your perfect human today at the house with the rooster on top of the roof?

Bumper: Find. Suzanne and her mom went on vacation to Florida. So I brought along Spoons with me.

Squirt: Who's Spoons?

Bumper: This is Spoons.

Spoons: Uh... Hi!!

Cookie: Aaaah! Egad! A kitten!

Squirt: (To Spoons) What are you doing here? (To Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches) What is she doing here?

Rebound: It's not what you think you guys. You see we teamed up with Spoons if we let her become a member of the Super Secret Pup Club. That's us three young puppies.

Cupcake: And we found her perfect person all by ourselves.

Patches: Please, Lucky. Let her stay. Unless for a little while.

Lucky: Sure. It'll be no big deal. After all it's just a little kitten.

Spoons: Thanks. I'm friends with Rebound, Cupcake and Patches. I'm the member of this team. Puppies and Kittens working together to solve mysteries.

Strudel: Okay, Spoons if that's your name. We have a new mission here as we are about to leave Shelter 17 along with the perfect person, Dot Henderson. And must go to the pear where the ocean is by going to the boat meeting Salty and Suds with their perfect persons.

Spoons: I'll be trilled to join the Super Secret Pup Club and you Pound Puppies on the team! So what are we after?

Cookie: We'll tell you about after we get inside the super secret headquarters.

Lucky: Okay, Pound Puppies... and kitten. Let's get to the Free Kid Database.

Strudel: Or FKD for short. (Lucky, Cookie, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons and Bumper went inside the secret headquarters as Squirt explains Niblet about Spoons)

Squirt: She must be one of the Kennel Kittens!

Niblet: Now, Squirt. You heard what Lucky said. It's just a little kitten it wouldn't hurt a fly once she joins my sister and the other two puppies.

Squirt: Well you better be right about something, you ol' goofball. 'Cause I don't trust that kitten. (Now he and Niblet catches up with the team by going inside the secret headquarters as Strudel looks at the FKD for the monster they're going to go after)

FKD: Monster found. Operation; The Kakken. No humans available behind that big mask.

Bumper: That's one huge fish. I bet we can capture it and turn it in and out of the water forever.

Spoons: Yeah. That Captain Pete and his dog Salty won't stand a chance against it.

Strudel: Not to worry. With a help of Lucky's perfect person Dot Henderson, there's a way we can stop this Krakken monster.

Lucky: Remember, there's a pup for every mystery...

Spoons: And a mystery for every kitten. Right?

Lucky: I was going to say a mystery for every pup but your line works too. And here comes my perfect human now. Hey, Dot.

Dot: Here I am, Mr. Chewy McFluffster!

Patches: I gotta say. She's the only perfect person who understands us dogs.

Lucky: Alright. Let's move. You coming along, Dot?

Dot: Sure thing! We can play together on the boat in the pear with your doggy friends! (Now we cut to the pear where the Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club, Spoons, Bumper and Dot Henderson went to the pear to get a boat by passing the man named Claudio and her daughter Pepita and her puppy Suds)

Suds: (Barks)

Pepita: Hey look! It's the Pound Puppies. The ones that placed Suds into my hands. I can wait to meet them. But who's that girl along with them?

Claudio: Oh no! The doggies are about to get on my boat again! Come back here you doggies!!! (Chases after them)

Squirt: (Turns around and saw Claudio) Cheese it! It's Claudio! Let's move fast you guys! (He and the others do so as the ran to the pear really fast and got on the boat and hits a ride by sailing away with their life jackets on to go find Salty and Captain Pete)

Claudio: Come back here with my boat you doggies!!! Oh man. What am I going to do with them?

Pepita: Don't worry, Dad I'll get them for you just as soon as I meet the Pound Puppies. Let's go, Suds.

Suds: (Barks as he and Pepita got on the second boat as they follow the Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club, Spoons, Bumper and Dot Henderson)

Claudio: Why me? (We cut to where Salty and Captain Pete have been splashed into the ocean and Patches, Cupcake, Rebound, Spoons and Bumper saved them and put them in the boat)

Spoons: (Makes Salty spit out all the salty water) Are you okay, pirate dog sir?

Salty: Aye, thank you kind kitten. For saving me life. I'd be captain Salty and this is me perfect human Captain Pete. But... he's in no condition by getting up after being shipwrecked by the krakken.

Patches: What did it look like?

Salty: A monster that she is really big it has tentacles. And big long flippers and a fish tail.

Bumper: That's just what we saw on the FKD.

Rebound: Don't you worry, Salty. We'll catch it. We've got Spoons and Bumper here to help us on the double.

Cupcake: We'll catch the big fish for ye! That's pirate talk for whatever it is.

Lucky: Oh no. Not this time. You pups better stay out of this and let the grown ups handle this monster this time.

Squirt: That goes double for the little kitten too.

Spoons: That's not fair. Grown ups get to have all the fun.

Patches: Spoons. I think Lucky means it.

Cookie: That's the way to tell the young puppies, Lucky. About this Krakken we were after again?

Niblet: I'll better keep an eye on my sister and the young ones for you lick-a-tly split.

Salty: I knew you Pound Puppies could count on ol' Salty for ye.

Suds: (Hops onto the boat right next to the Super Secret Pup Club and Bumper) Don't forget me!

Patches: Sailor Suds!

Suds: That's first mate Suds to you, young sailor. I came here with my perfect person as well too. And she's on the boat with me.

Spoons: Who is this guy anyway?

Rebound: I don't know but he's one smart sailor to a pup his age. So I'm thinking we'd be singing a song too on the high seas like Captain Pete just did. (And so the Super Secret Pup Club, Spoons, Bumper and Suds bushed into the song as the music plays on the high seas)

Cupcake: Man, those grown ups would never let us catch that big fish out of that water.

Patches: And they think we were too young to place any pups for the perfect person.

Suds: What? Never. You're the Super Secret Pup Club for crying out loud, matey. Pups. You've got to pull yourselves together.

Music: "Salty"

Suds: (Singing) Gosh it disturbs me to see that Salty. Looking so down in the dumps. Every dog here'd love to be you, Salty. (Cheering from the gallery) Even when taking your legs. There's no dog like him as admired as you. You're everyone's favorite dog. Everyone's awed and inspired by you (Turns Salty back to forward in front of the Super Secret Pup Club, Bumper and Spoons) And it's not very hard to see why! No... One's... slick as Salty, no one's quick than Salty no one's next as incredibly thick as Salty. For there's no dog in town half as manly perfect, a pure paragon! You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley. And they'll tell you who's team they'd prefer to be on!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: (Singing) No... One's... been like Salty, a king like Salty!

Suds: (Singing) No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Salty.

Salty: (Singing) As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: (Singing) My what a guy that Salty! Give five hurrahs, give twelve hip-hips!

Suds: (Singing) Salty is the best and the rest is all drips!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Bumper, Spoons and Suds: (Singing) No... One's... fights like Salty, no one bites like Salty.

Suds: (Singing) In the wrestling match no one bites like Salty.

Dot: (Singing) For there's no one as burly and brawny!

Salty: (Singing) As you see I've got biceps to spare.

Suds: (Singing) Not a bit of him scraggly or scrawny.

Salty: That's right! (Singing) And every last bit of me's covered with hair!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Bumper, Spoons and Suds: (Singing) No... One's... Hits like Salty, matches wits like Salty.

Suds: (Singing) In a spiting match, nobody spits like Salty!

Salty: (Singing) I'm especially good at expectorating! Ptooey!

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: (Singing) Ten points for Salty!

Salty: (Singing) When I was a pup I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large! And now that I'm grown, I eat five dozen eggs so I'm roughly the size of a barge!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Bumper, Spoons and Suds: (Singing) No... One's.... shoots like Salty, makes those beauts like Salty.

Suds: (Singing) Then goes thumping around wearing boots like Salty!

Salty: (Singing) I use antlers in all of my decorating!

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons, Bumper and Suds: (Singing) My what a guy! Salty!!!!!!!! (Jumps in front of the Pound Puppies and took a bow and so did Salty. But some girl named Pepita got on the boat and saw every pup sang and dance)

Pepita: Suds? Is that you singing and dancing in words?

Suds: Aye! Glad you came on board, Pepita.

Pepita: I didn't know dogs and a kitten can talk.

Rebound: Well you just did heard us talking in words and singing and dancing.

Niblet: (Sighs) Children today. Now she knows dogs can talk.

Lucky: Oh yes. Dot, this is Pepita. Claudio younger daughter of India.

Dot: Hi, I'm Dot Henderson. Nice to meet you, Pepita!

Pepita: Nice to meet you too. I heard that dogs, puppies, and a kitten can talk in words like you and me. And all the other humans are confused instead of children.

Dot: Say, maybe you can help me keep this dog talking a secret from adult humans. What do you say?

Pepita: I except your secret. It's safe with me.

Cookie: Great singing, Pups. Now every girl humans knows dogs can sing and dance in words.

Squirt: Okay now back to business. Let's focus on catching this Krakken monster shall we?

Pepita: What a Krakken?

Salty: It is a monster. And we're not stopping this boat until we catch one.

Dot: But how are we going to catch that monster while it's in water?

Strudel: With my Super Fisher Net 3000! It's my latest invention that can catch many many many big fishes like the Krakken herself thanks to Mr. Nut Nut and Sparky building it and saving it for safety and numbers.

Lucky: That's right. If we want to solve the mystery of the Krakken, Maybe there's a way for Salty to have a chance as captain of this here high seas.

Patches: Look! Something's coming from under the water!

Spoons: What is it? (The Krakken popped up from under the water roaring by a growl)

Dot and Pepita: Krakken!!!!! (Runs and hides. Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons, Suds and Bumper looked terrified of the Krakken as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to where the Krakken is terrifying the Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club, Suds, Bumper and Spoons as they are on the boat with Dot Henderson and Pepita)

Krakken: (Roaring)

Salty: Thar she blows! The Krakken!

Lucky: Run!!!

Spoons: You mean... Sail away!!! (The team sail away with the boat by going fast as the Krakken swam after them all the way to the mysterious island)

Squirt: If this keeps up we'll be in big trouble when the krakken wreck our boat.

Pepita: You mean my dad's boat.

Rebound: What will we do what will we do what will we do what will we do!?!?!?

Salty: A board your vesel me hardys! We're gonna harpoon it like real pirate pups we are!

Patches: Good idea. I mean... Arrgh!

Cupcake: Well blow me down!

Rebound: We've got this under control me mateys!

Niblet: I knew this pirate talk makes the young puppies look like real pirates!

Cookie: Better speed it up before he wreck's the boat why don't ya?

Patches: You think you're ready for this, Spoons?

Spoons: I was dreaming to be one of the Super Secret Pup Club. And saying this model.

Cupcake: Then what are we waiting for!?

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: Super Secret Pup Club go!!! (They went toward Strudel's invention which is the Super Fisher Net 3000)

Spoons: Strudel, we need your invention to harpoon that krakken monster.

Strudel: Righty-o, Spoons! Take your positions! Time to capture and harpoon this beast! (She, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons do so)

Bumper: Be careful, Spoons.

Krakken: (Roaring while underwater)

Strudel: Wait for it!

Salty: Harpoon anyway, lads and lassys!

Krakken: (Pops up underwater and roars)

Strudel: NOOOOOOOOW!!!!! (She, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons shoots the net from the Super Fisher Net 3000 and captures it as it goes swinging around and around and around in the sky as they throws it toward the pear where Claudio is as it drops on dry land on the ground)

Krakken: (Coughing)

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons, Suds and Bumper: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Claudio: What is this... Creature doing here in dry land!?! Get it outta here!!! (The team sailed back all the way to the pear and got off the boat as the Pound Puppies walk toward it)

Lucky: Good work, Pups. We've captured the krakken.

Salty: Arr matey you did a fine fine fine job me young pups. Surely we captured it by harpooning it inside the net.

Strudel: Now let's see who this Krakken monster really is. (Walked toward the Krakken monster and unmasked it revealing... The "Smashinator" and gasps)

Smashinator: Aaaaaaah!!!

Rebound: Smashinator?

Cookie: So he's the one disguised himself as the krakken.

Niblet: But why?

Smashinator: (Nervous) I was trying to get away from that sweet cute and innocent energetic pup!

Patches: He's talking about you, Rebound.

Rebound: Hey that's me! I'm the energetic pup! Hey, Smashinator remember me!?!

Smashinator: (Scared) Get away from me you chattered puppy!

Leonard McLeish: What is going on around here!? (Came by with his assistant Olaf)

Claudio: (Sighs) Thank goodness, Mr. McLeish you're finally here. Your dogs stole my boat to go after that huge monster that is coming out of the sea!

Olaf: What happened anyway?

Squirt: Yeah we'll tell you what happened, Olaf. First things first. The "Smashinator" Wanted to get away from Rebound we he becomes too afraid to fight her.

Strudel: So he disguise himself as the Krakken to get into the water by a splash near the ocean floor.

Niblet: Then after that, we caught him inside the net without anyone noticing that we can talk like other humans.

Cookie: Niblet!

Niblet: Sorry.

Lucky: And that's exactly what it really happened in the pear.

Leonard McLeish: So the dogs are saying that the Smashinator did all this?

Smashinator: Yeah! And I wouldn't have done it too if it weren't for those talking dogs! And that sweet energetic pup!

Claudio: Did you say... dogs can talk?

Dot: Yup. Remind us to keep it a secret from McLeish and the other adult humans.

Rebound: (Barks at Smashinator)

Smashinator: (Runs away scared) Oooooooh! Mommy!

Olaf: Okay, back to the pound with you doggies. (Pushes Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons and Bumper) Now... who could've left that kennel door open?

Leonard McLeish: Beats me! Take em back to the kennel, Olaf. I've got work to do. (We cut back to Shelter 17 as the Super Secret Pup Club congratulates Spoons for joining on the team of young pups)

Patches: Congratulations, Spoons. You are now part of the Pound Puppies team. So we made this tag especially for you. (Took out a tag and puts it on Spoons' collar) Like they always say.

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Once a Pound Puppy, Always a Pound Puppy.

Rebound: Especially when you are a kitten.

Spoons: Thanks you guys. I'll never forget.

Cupcake: And thank you too, Bumper. We solve the mystery together.

Patches: Dot, take a note.

Dot: Sure thing. Oh boy is my parents gonna love this went you write a letter to somebody. (Writes a letter to General Dolly on a piece of paper with a pencil)

Patches: "Dear General Dolly, Today we learned something about ghosts and monsters at the pear. We solve the mystery of the Krakken just as we were with our new member to the Super Secret Pup Club, Spoons the Kitten."

Dot: I shall send it too the french poodle for where she lives right now. (Does so as she walks away on foot)

Rebound: Let's play! (And so she, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons and Bumper played together inside the kennel and lived happily ever after at shelter 17. Or is it compare that some five cats looked through the gate who are really the Kennel Kittens; Ace, Fluffy, Tiny, Squeak and Kugel who know everything by staring)