Lyrics #1: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #2: What's new pound puppies? we're gonna follow you you're gonna solve that mystery we see you pound puppies we're coming after you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #3: Don't look back, you may find another clue The perfect person, will be waiting here for you!

Lyrics #4: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

All Lyrics: na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na What's new pound puppies?!!!

Title: "What's New Pound Puppies"

(The episode begins at Shelter 17 where Mr. Ketchum brings in something inside to Mr. Leonard McLeish's office)

Mr. Ketchum: .......

Leonard McLeish: Well, Mr. Ketchum. What have you brought us this time? And don't even think about bringing a dog which I usually don't like.

Mr. Ketchum: ..... (Opens the box revealing a Knight which is spooky and really scary looking)

Leonard McLeish: It's a knight. Ahh very shiny and armored.

Olaf: Uhh.... Mr. McLeish?

Leonard McLeish: Yes, Olaf?

Olaf: Not to interrupted or anything but the Knight only comes to life when it's night time.

Leonard McLeish: Nonsense. It's gonna make me so rich. Then I won't be able to be a ghost catcher anymore.

Olaf: And dog catcher.

Leonard McLeish: And dog catcher. Thanks, Mr. Ketchum. Dismissed. (Mr. Ketchum leaves) Now Olaf, take it next to the kennel and don't let any dog touch it. I would like to be in my office in piece.

Olaf: Sure thing, sir. (Takes it out back by putting it next to the kennel where the Super Secret Pup Club; Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons are right now) Hey there little doggies. You and the kitten play together while I got a life with my wife. (Leaves as Patches starts narrating this episode)

Patches Narrating: Pound Puppies log. It was the most typical day ever. Little did we know we was about to see what it really is inside the package. So we got out of the kennel and see what this shiny thing is about. And we did.

Rebound: What is that thing you guys? I've never seen everything like this in my entire life when we first became a team of puppies and a kitten.

Cupcake: Beats me. Patches, any ideas of what this is?

Patches: It somehow some kinda... a knight in a shining armor kinda guy.

Spoons: But how did it get in here anyway?

Rebound: Maybe if we will touched it nobody will ever see what we were about to do.

Patches: Sure thing, Rebound. No one will ever noticed we're touching this knight and shiny armor. (He, Cupcake, Rebound and Spoons touched the knight as the helmet comes off and fell down)

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: (Laughed nervously and ran back to the kennel to get the Pound Puppies and to see this knight in shiny armor. Then we cut to Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons and looked at the knight)

Cookie: You're right, Pups. There's nothing in this knight and shiny armor.

Squirt: Somebody mind telling me what this thing is made of?

Strudel: According to my calculations, Olaf said this knight and shining armor comes to life during the night time.

Niblet: I don't get it. Why are we here again?

Lucky: I don't care how it got here. But we better push it back to McLeish's office before somebody notices.

Spoons: But how are we going to push it back without Leonard McLeish noticing?

Patches: Just let them know you're talking.

Cupcake: Or taking such good care of it.

Rebound: But first we gotta put the helmet back on top of the knight and shiny armor. (They do so when Lucky reached where the head is at for the knight and shiny armor)

Lucky: All right. Let's move. (Now the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club brings over the knight all the way back to Leonard McLeish's office until Olaf and his wife Gertrude Washburn along with her puppy Kiki notice them)

Olaf: Now what are you doggies doing pushing the knight back to Mr. McLeish's office?

Spoons: Uhhh... Meow!?! (Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Patches, Cupcake and Rebound barked. And so did Kiki as she jumps out of Gertrude's hands)

Gertrude: Olaf, what's with the dogs?

Olaf: They can't understand what you just said cause they're noisy. And you know Mr. McLeish doesn't like dogs making some barking noises.

Gertrude: Better do something about those dogs of yours would you, Olaf?

Olaf: Right. Come on, doggies back to the kennel with ya's. (Pushes Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt, Strudel, Kiki, Spoons, Patches, Cupcake and Rebound all the way back to the kennel of Shelter 17. We cut to the secret headquarters. Kiki told every puppy about the Knight that comes to life at night time)

Kiki: I came back to tell you Pound Puppies and all the other young puppies about the scary knight that comes to life during the night time like Olaf said.

Lucky: So... what's the story, Kiki?

Kiki: Not only that, it only comes out during the full moon. When the yellow eyes are glowing like crazy.

Rebound: Are you kidding? Full moon only works on werewolves. Have you met a werewolf? Because one time a man or a woman looked at the full moon only when it's cursed as they all howl during night time...

Patches: Uh... what Rebound's trying to say is... we'll be glad to keep an eye out for the knight with you, Kiki.

Cupcake: Sure. After all, we've got Spoons the Kitten as the new member of the Super Secret Pup Club.

Spoons: Hi, Kiki. I'm Spoons. Nice to meet you.

Lucky: Okay. Back to business. What we need... is to solve this mystery of the knight and shiny armor kind of guy. Whoever he is he must have to do something by making it come to life at night time. Cookie, you're with me. Strudel, keep an eye out for the young puppies and Spoons. Everybody else... Go dogs go! (Then we cut to the outside world as they divide groups. Lucky and Cookie search anywhere inside the museum downstairs. Squirt and Niblet search anywhere inside the hair salon. And Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons and Kiki search anywhere inside the museum upstairs. Now we cut to Lucky and Cookie looking high and low for clues of the scary knight appearance)

Cookie: Gee, I dunno, Lucky. Splitting up into groups might be a bad idea. Won't be suppose too search for any clues together?

Lucky: Maybe there's a way to search for clues inside the museum down the stairs.

Cookie: (Sniffs something) Lucky, I think I've found something.

Lucky: What is it, Cookie?

Cookie: Footprints! Maybe the knight sneaked out last night. And it's about to scare the entire puppy in shelter 17.

Lucky: I think that's our first clue to this knight mystery. Say, speaking of which I wonder how Strudel is doing with the young puppies and a kitten? (We cut to upstairs part of the museum as Strudel, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons and Kiki searching for any clues here)

Strudel: Every time we split up, I get stuck babysitting with the Puppies and Spoons.

Rebound: Ooh this is so exciting! Strudel do you wanna play!?! Let's play! Can we huh? huh? huh?

Strudel: Not till we find a clue of the knight's appearance during night time.

Patches: Hey, you guys. You better come take a look at this.

Strudel: Was it is, Patches?

Patches: I found the feather. It must be the part of the knight's helmet on top of it.

Strudel: Ah-ha! It's a clue! Nice work, Patches.

Cupcake: Next time. I'll be with Cookie mommy.

Rebound: Ooh! The feather is used for tickling! We should use it to tickle somebody!

Spoons: No! Remember what Lucky said? Never fool around while searching for clues of the knight's appearance. If you do, you'll end up dumb like Niblet.

Kiki: Yeah.

Strudel: Speaking of Niblet, I wonder what he and Squirt are up too. (We cut to Niblet and Squirt inside the hair salon and searching for any clues here)

Squirt: See anything, Niblet?

Niblet: Nope. I can't smell any clue around here, Squirt.

Squirt: Hmm... (Sniffs something) Hey, Niblet check this out.

Niblet: What did you find?

Squirt: A belt. Things that it can carry everything like a sword and a spear and a shield.

Niblet: We better take it to the others. (Picks the belt up with his mouth as he and Squirt headed back to the other team of the Pound Puppies, Kiki and the Super Secret Pup Club outside where the sun is about to go down any minute)

Lucky: Any luck yet, pups?

Niblet: (Spits out the belt from it's mouth) Yeah, Lucky. We searched everywhere we find.

Squirt: And all we found was this belt.

Strudel: And these young puppies and Spoons found the feather attracted to this helmet whatever this belongs too.

Cookie: And Lucky and I found the footprints that leads to... whatever it leads too.

Kiki: Ooh this is so exciting watching you Pound Puppies solve mysteries with the Super Secret Pup Club.

Lucky: Actually, kid. We're only here to place pups and solve mysteries at the same time.

Patches: Come on, guys. Focus. As soon as the sun goes down, the knight will come to life and he'll be walking in night time in an hour.

Lucky: Then what are we waiting for? Go dogs go! (The Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club and Kiki do so as they headed back to Shelter 17 as we cut back to Leonard McLeish and Olaf in the office)

Olaf: I'm telling you, sir. The knight will come to life any minute now.

Leonard McLeish: That's ridiculous. No knight has ever come to life on my pound. (Then something happened the sun goes down and night time comes up as the knight comes to life when it's eyes glow yellow from the inside)

Knight: (Rhaaaaaah!!!)

Olaf: (Gasps and saw the knight) Uh... Mr. McLeish? Look behind you.

Leonard McLeish: (Turns around and saw the knight who had come to life and gasps) My word!

Knight: (Rhaaaaaaah!!!)

Olaf: I hate to say I told you so but... I told you so.

Knight: (Laughs evily. Scene fades to black. Scene fades back to Shelter 17 outside at night as the Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club and Kiki came in too late when they looked in the window and saw the Knight who'd all ready came to life)

Squirt: We're too late! The knight has already come to life!

Niblet: And it's about to get McLeish and Olaf. What should we do?

Strudel: If we could just get in McLeish's office near the open door, we might be able to have time to save them.

Cookie: You're kidding? Gertrude is in here and if she knows that we can talk our whole operation would be exposed.

Lucky: Time to move out. I don't know how but we gotta to save McLeish and Olaf for being sabotaged by a knight. And no talking.

Rebound: Got it. No talking. Just barking.

Lucky: Come on. (The Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club and Kiki went inside the office of Mr. Leonard McLeish to find the knight as we cut to it chasing Leonard McLeish and Olaf around)

Knight: (Rhaaaaaaah!!!)

Leonard McLeish: I dunno how we can outrun that thing!

Olaf: We need help! Now!! (The Pound Puppies stepped in and growled at the knight to make him stop chasing Leonard McLeish and Olaf) Pound Puppies! (Sighs) Our heroes.

Leonard McLeish: Them? How did they get out of the kennel of my pound?

Knight: (Rhaaaaaaaah!!)

Patches: (He, Cupcake, Rebound and Spoons are on the shelf waiting for the signal until...) Now Spoons! (Spoons raises her claws as she jumps and pounces on the knight scratching it by meowing angrily)


Patches: Okay pup club, let's do this!

Rebound: This one's for you, Agatha.

Cupcake: Unleash the net trap on this knight. (She, Patches and Rebound let go of the net trap and captured the knight as Spoons jumps off of it and out of the way and the Knight was captured and on the floor struggling and trying to get free)

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: (Jumps on the knight) Ta-da!!!

Olaf: Heh heh. Well done, puppies. You caught the knight.

Patches: Thanks.

Leonard McLeish: How did you do that?

Rebound: Oh that's simple. This is no ordinary knight. There's somebody in here who control-ing it and it made the eyes glow are weirdly and stuff. And... (She keeps on talking fast and rapidly)

Cupcake: Mr. McLeish had to ask didn't he?

Cookie: (Stops Rebound from talking fast and rapidly cutting her off) Rebound, what did I tell you about the no talking rule? Gertrude might hear us.

Lucky: Never mind that, Cookie. Let's see who behind this scary knight really is. (Unmasked the knight's helmet revealing Milton Feltwaddle himself inside the knight armor)

Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel: Milton Feltwaddle!?!

Leonard McLeish: Feltwaddle? What's with all this chasing us around in your knight suit all of a sudden?

Milton Feltwaddle: I confess, Mr. McLeish. I wanted to get inside the knight and armor suit to get revenge from somebody who fired me from my job. And I'll tell you all about it. (Scene flashes back to two episodes "Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine" and  "McLeish Unleashed" as he explained all about it) I was as an interpreter for Poochishita Incorporated, bringing a robot dog named Toyoshiko to Shelter 17. I had secretly placed a recording device in Toyoshiko, using her to spy on you and discover the pound puppies "secrets." My plan was foiled when Toyoshiko wiped her own memory, and I was later fired. The Pound Puppies were unaware that Toyoshiko came from me and they didn't know that I was using the robot dog to spy on you so I can learn the secrets of McLeish's actually the Pound Puppies' success, so I could improve my career. Then after that...  After apparently either quitting or being fired from Poochishita, Mayor Jerry hired me as a replacement to you McLeish as "Head Dogcatcher" of Shelter 17 after you was promoted. I have returned to Shelter 17. I turned the Shelter into something resembling a prison and instituted a new adoption creed, namely that the dogs could only be adopted by people who looked like them. My plan wasn't working for the people and the dogs because the people and dogs were not bonding. My plans were foiled when my adoption machine was sabotaged by the Kennel Kittens, and I was fired by the Mayor and replaced by the returning you Mr. McLeish. (Then the scene flashes back to him, Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club, Kiki, Olaf and Leonard McLeish in the office) That was it. And I wouldn't got away with it too if it weren't for those dogs that can talk and knows my name!!

Rebound: Hey! Don't forget about us. Talking Puppies and Spoons the Kitten.

Cupcake: Man, Feltwaddle you are so... busted!

Patches: Wait till Mayor Jerry hears about you.

Spoons: Oooh. And he's going to get fired three times.

Kiki: Here comes Gertrude. My perfect person. Maybe she'll know what happened.

Gertrude: Is that my Kiki, speaking in words? (Comes toward Kiki as she jumps into her arms) You do talk in words didn't you?! Oh, Olaf how did you learn to teach dogs can talk?

Olaf: It just came to me. They're Pound Puppies. Solving mysteries and getting puppies adopted is what they do. Right, Mr. McLeish?

Leonard McLeish: Swell!

Lucky: Well, pups. Back to the pound. The mystery of the knight is solved. (The Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club do so as they go outside back inside the kennel and inside their headquarters as Patches writes a letter to General Dolly by narrating)

Patches Narrating: "Dear General Dolly, Today's mystery of the scary, shiny and armored knight was a person who was really Milton Feltwaddle has been solved by the Pound Puppies. After finding so many clues of the knight's stuff every place around the world, we have learned so much about ghosts and monsters solving mysteries along with Gertrude's perfect pup Kiki. I hope you could see us during our whole operation thing. Yours truly, The Super Secret Pup Club."

Cookie: Well, Super Secret Pup Club. You did it again. As Pound Puppies in training you captured the knight with the net all by yourselves.

Cupcake: Thanks, Cookie.

Spoons: As they always say.

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: Once a Pound Puppy, Always a Pound Puppy!

Squirt: And check out Olaf and Gertrude together along with Kiki her perfect people outside. (He sees through the spy scope and saw Olaf and Gertrude hugging each other in between Kiki as she barks)