(The episode begins at the place called Happy Valley Shelter where these cats called themselves the Kennel Kittens are in their secret headquarters. Their leader Ace is making an announcement of how they fail the mission to get Ralph on their side and getting kittens their perfect person)

Ace: Pop quiz, Kittens. Today we have new mission on our tails. There's a kitten for every mystery and a mystery for every kitten. Am I right? (All cats agreed) Those Pound Puppies think they won the adoption but we will win the war by finding kittens their perfect person and then some. Any questions?

Fluffy: Yeah. I have one. Since when didn't we succeed the mission of having Ralph on our side?

Squeak: Yeah boss, I thought we promised that dogs and cats have to stay off our turf while were in the shelter.

Kugel: Some perfect person we need to find for every kitten turned out to be.

Ace: Never mind let's just figure out of how those Pound Puppies solve mysteries of ghosts and monsters while we the Kennel Kittens do the same thing like they do. Because capturing monsters is our specialty.

Kugel: Speaking of ghosts and monsters, Where's Tiny?

Squeak: That big ol' goof ball must be here for an announcement right about now.

Tiny: (Walks toward the other Kennel Kittens) Sorry I'm late, Ace. I was washing my dirty paws while eating some kibble when suddenly this faucet is leaking out the pipes revealing the water monster that cats are afraid of.

Ace, Fluffy, Squeak and Kugel: You what!?!?! (Suddenly the pipe leak out letting all the water inside the secret headquarters revealing the water monster and the cats runs away meowing and screaming)

Ace: Ruuuuuun!!! Every cat for themselves!!! (They do so)

Ace, Fluffy, Tiny, Squeak and Kugel: (Runs and screams and meows) RHAAAAAAAAEOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! (They got out of their secret headquarters)

Water Monster: RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAR!!!!! (Laughs evily as we go to the theme song of What's New Pound Puppies)

Lyrics #1: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #2: What's new pound puppies? we're gonna follow you you're gonna solve that mystery we see you pound puppies we're coming after you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #3: Don't look back, you may find another clue The perfect person, will be waiting here for you!

Lyrics #4: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

All Lyrics: na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na What's new pound puppies?!!!

Title: "What's New Pound Puppies"

(We cut to Shelter 17 as Patches Narrates to this episode)

Patches Narrating: Pound Puppies log. We dogs and puppies along with Spoons are up for another monster on the loose inside our own secret headquarters in shelter 17. So Lucky, our leader is about to make an announcement of how to catch this watery monster flooding on pound street.

Lucky: Pups, We have a situation here on pound street. Some watery monster is scaring away and frighting the cats at Happy Valley Shelter. Now all is that we have to say is... Aren't we going to help out the cats and their fear of water?

Spoons: Yes sir, Mr. Lucky.

Rebound: Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! We're going after some water monster around the valley! This is the best best best best best best best best time ever!

Cupcake: Rebound sure can't wait for another mystery to be solved.

Patches: Helping kittens and finding their perfect people is what we do.

Squirt: Uhh... I dunno, boss. Like we always say in the old days... dogs and cats have to stay off our turf while were in the shelter.

Cookie: Squirt is right at least now we know why is going on with this mystery solving and not getting puppies adopted by their perfect person.

Niblet: Happy Valley Shelter? That's where the Kennel Kittens live. Right?

Strudel: According to my calculations that cats are indeed have a fear of water. Remember when Ralph accidentally bites the hose as it squirts those kittens frighting them while they run away and fail the mission?

Lucky: I know they're exact same personalities as us. But when there's ghosts and monsters on the loose, there's a pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup.

Patches: You said it, Lucky. (Then Mutt pops out from the ceiling of the secret headquarters)

Mutt: Hey, Luck! We've got cats on our turf waiting for your help!

Lucky: The Kennel Kittens! Come on, pups. (The Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club went back up to the kennel of Shelter 17 outside except for Spoons)

Spoons: Did he say... Kennel Kittens? Wait a minute. I'm a Kennel Kitten. Guys, wait for me! (Catches up to the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club as she went up to the kennel of shelter 17. Then they saw the Kennel Kittens right in their pound as they got scared from that water monster they saw by panting)

Ace: Lucky, you gotta help us!

Fluffy: We saw a water monster!

Tiny: We were in the happy valley shelter this afternoon but somehow the water monster flooded our whole secret headquarters.

Kugel: This is the invention the ghost catcher 10,000. And it malfunctioned during the flood in our operation.

Squeak: Look! (Turns the ghost catcher 10,000 as it has been electrocuted in Kugel's paws) It hasn't been tested yet!

Squirt: Now hold on! There's no way a couple of cats like you couldn't get in our turf telling stories.

Kugel: Oh but you don't understand! The whole pound street will be flooded around the world when we got to your pound.

Tiny: We just have dolls!

Squeak: Well you have a doll actually, I had a monkey. (Cut to Mr. Leonard McLeish and Olaf inside the office of Shelter 17)

Leonard McLeish: Cats in our pound!?! Olaf, you didn't tell me that we had cats in our pound.

Olaf: I dunno, sir. Maybe those little kitties just wanted to visit the little doggies.

Leonard McLeish: Where did those cats come from anyhow?

Olaf: Good question. (Just then, Mayor Jerry and Agatha McLeish came in the office)

Agatha: Sorry I'm late, Leonard. I've just called Mayor Jerry as we came into your office while the whole world is flooding with water.

Leonard McLeish: Water flooding?

Mayor Jerry: Yes. That's right, Leonard. Someone must've unclog the water pipes from down the sewers beneath pound street. And I want you to investigate to see who've done it.

Leonard McLeish: Me?

Olaf: Mr. Mayor, wouldn't we let the Pound Puppies investigate this mystery?

Mayor Jerry: Pound Puppies? As in the Pound Puppies organization team?

Olaf: Not only that, but they're with the cats called the Kennel Kittens. And the Super Secret Pup Club too.

Agatha: Oh my gosh. Rebound! I've forgot to get Rebound to the safe spot this afternoon before the whole water flooding happened around the world.

Leonard McLeish: What are we waiting for? We've gotta save the dogs and cats.

Mayor Jerry: I'll be waiting right here for you in your office, Leonard. If you need me.

Leonard McLeish: Right. Come on, Olaf!

Olaf: Right behind you, Mr. McLeish! (He and Leonard McLeish left the office as Agatha catches up to them)

Agatha: Leonard, wait for your mother! (We cut back to the secret headquarters where the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club leaded the Kennel Kittens to the FKD also known as the Free Kid Database. Strudel looks through the FKD to find the water monster and found it)

Strudel: Behold... The Water Monster. Says here that it's abilities are flooding around the world making everyone drown and scaring cats with fear of water. In other words if anything happens to you cats, We dogs know how to protect you.

Kugel: Hey, the water monster scaring cats with fear of water huh? I've heard what Strudel said. If anything happens to us cats...

Squeak: I don't care about it ability! I'm telling you our secret headquarters is flooding back at Happy Valley Shelter!

Squirt: Well, if you going to be like that anyway, Squeak.

Ace: Settle down, team. Let's us continue our operation of how to catch this watery monster. What we need here is this cement, pudding mixer which says do not add water or catching him inside the bag which is water proof.

Lucky: Yeah right. Got it, pups?

Rebound: We'll be okay once Agatha is here.

Spoons: Hey! What about me? What am I suppose to do?

Fluffy: (Looks at Spoons' collar which he has a Pound Puppy tag on it) Uh... Ace, you better take a look at this kitten.

Ace: What is it, Fluffy?

Fluffy: She's wearing a Pound Puppy tag collar.

Ace: Say, Spoons. Why are you wearing a pound puppy tag collar?

Spoons: I'll tell you about it later. Right now we have a job to do.

Patches: Spoons is right. We better go now.

Cupcake: As in right now.

Ace: Right. Lucky, you're with me. Cookie, take Fluffy with you. Niblet, you take Tiny here. Squirt you're partner can be with Squeak. And Strudel yours can be with Kugel. So come on... Let's... Go Cats go!! (The Pound Puppies, Kennel Kittens and the Super Secret Pup Club moved out of the secret headquarters except for Lucky who realized that was his line)

Lucky: Hey! I'm suppose to be taking orders in this team. Oh well. (Catches up with the others by moving out of the secret headquarters as they are all leaving shelter 17 to go catch the water monster as the scene fades to black. Then the scene cuts to Pound Street where the whole street is flooding with water. Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons searches for clues for where this happened at house number 1 on it)

Patches: Okay. According to Ace's plans to action, we'll be searching everywhere around house. Number one, Rebound, Cupcake you girls find out what's leaking the pipes and Spoons and I will find out what's wrong with it.

Cupcake: Sounds like a plan to fix something to what's leaking every house.

Rebound: Ooh ooh ooh!! Problems solving time for the Super Secret Pup Club! Like finding a clue to see what's happening.

Spoons: Let's move out. (So the Super Secret Pup Club went inside the house number one which is Gina's house)

Rebound: All right! We're in position. We're getting closer all the way to the kitchen.

Patches: There it is! (They went to the kitchen and saw a leaky faucet by opening the bottom cabinet)

Cupcake: It's a clue alright. Somebody's gotta fix it.

Patches: Wait! We're in Gina's house. And Gina's my perfect person. Girls, remember the no talking rule. Everybody bark. (Then Gina's mom got down the stairs with a wrench in her hands)

Gina's Mom: I'll never call a repair man for this kinda work.

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: (Barking noises to Gina's Mom)

Gina's Mom: Huh? What is it, Patches?

Patches: (Barks and points to the Leaky Faucet)

Gina's Mom: You're right, boy. I'll get to it right away. (Fixes the faucet with her handy dandy wrench as it fixed the water pipes)

Spoons: Meow! (She leads Rebound, Cupcake and Patches out of Gina's house) We'd fix that problem. Now what you guys?

Patches: Now we report to Lucky to see that we fix that first clue we've found.

Cupcake: Yeah and Cookie mommy too.

Rebound: Come on, Spoons.

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons: Super Secret Pup Club, Go!!! (They ran to report to Lucky as we cut to him and Ace heading to Dot Henderson's house)

Ace: So this is the Henderson's apartment waiting to be saved by you and me.

Lucky: Of course. Dot Henderson is my perfect person. And she understands dogs. Hope she can understand cats too. No offense.

Dot: (Looks out the window and saw Lucky and Ace and gasps) Mr. Chewy McFluffster! (Jumps out of the window as she's outside) Ooh! I've been looking all for you we'll play together forever and ever... Ooooh I've seen double. Except you got a friend which is a cat.

Lucky: No, Dot. This is no ordinary cat. Ace is a Kennel Kitten.

Ace: Actually, kid. I've seen this human before. The one with the goofy glasses.

Dot: (To Ace) Wow! You can talk! Except your voice is must higher than Mr. Chewy McFluffster's.

Lucky: Yes. Dot, we need your help on this one. The Water Monster is on the loose. And the team of cats need you to protect them from that watery monster.

Dot: Say no more, Fluffster! Once a Pound Puppies owner always a Pound Puppies owner! (Then Rebound, Cupcake and Patches and Spoons reported to Lucky and Ace)

Patches: Lucky, We've found the first clue at house number one. Gina's house is flooding everywhere.

Rebound: So we have Gina's mom to fix it with these tools.

Cupcake: Now we have to report to Squirt and the others.

Lucky: Okay then. Go dogs go. And cats too. (He, Ace, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons went running back to Squirt and Squeak)

Dot: Hey! Wait for me! (Catches up to them as we cut to Squirt and Squeak to house number two)

Squirt: Every time we split up, it's like I'm stuck with you.

Squeak: You little scoundrel. You've wanted to hear the humans know we're talking do ya?

Squirt: Well, no. This must be the house we're looking for! Becky O' Bannon and her family. Remember she adopted a puppy named Wagster?

Squeak: And remember the time when we got Mittens a perfect person of her own?

Squirt: Looks like it's up to us to save them on our own by... (Gulps) Working together. (He and Squeak went inside Becky's house where they see a kitchen sink is flooding everywhere around the kitchen)

Squeak: Okay we're in. Now what?

Squirt: We search the clues the Pound Puppies way. If you see anything flooding let's report back to Lucky and Ace. (Sniffing around the kitchen when everything he smells is water)

Squeak: (Opens up the cabin and saw another Leaky Faucet) Hey, Squirt I've found the leaky faucet! It must be the second clue. Now we must report back to our bosses.

Squirt: Good work, Squeak. Now let's get out of here. (He and Squeak reported back to Lucky, Ace and the others as we cut to Strudel, Kugel, Niblet and Tiny at house number three)

Niblet: Oh boy house number three. The third and final clue to find.

Tiny: Where are we anyway?

Kugel: According to my calculations it said here that we're in... Sarah's house.

Strudel: But that's where her puppy Cinnamon lives.

Kugel: Let's go in. Shall we? (She, Strudel, Tiny and Niblet went inside the house where they find the kitchen and something leaking under the cabinet)

Niblet: There's something leaking underneath the cabinet. Perfect timing.

Strudel: (Opens the cabinet) Ah-ha! Our third clue. Now all we need is Dr. Trudy to fix these kind of things. (They heard Dr. Trudy coming) Cheese it. Here she comes. Let's get out of here and report back to Lucky and Ace. (She, Niblet, Kugel and Tiny got out of the house as fast as they can)

Dr. Trudy: Hmm... I know I saw a leak when I see one. (We cut to The Pound Puppies, The Kennel Kittens and the Super Secret Pup Club back together again along with Dot Henderson)

Dot: This is great. Pound Puppies and Kennel Kittens working together.

Squeak: Sheesh! What is wrong with this girl?

Fluffy: Doesn't she realize that dogs and cats have to stay out of each other's business?

Spoons: Never mind that. The Water Monster is coming and boy is it mad. (Just then the Water Monster raises up roaring with anger frighting the Pound Puppies, Kennel Kittens and the Super Secret Pup Club as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to where the Water Monster is roaring with anger)

Lucky: What should we do, Ace?

Ace: Ruuuuuuun! Every cat for themselves!!!

Ace, Fluffy, Tiny, Squeak and Kugel: (Runs for their lives) Reooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!

Lucky: You heard him. Run! (He, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel ran but not the Super Secret Pup Club)

Spoons: I'm not running. Not from this monster. I've got... Cement bag! (Takes out a cement bag filled with lots of cement) Come and get it!

Water Monster: (Roaring with anger)

Spoons: When I give the signal, open up the cement bag and spreading it all around the water monster. (Rebound, Cupcake and Patches get into positions as they opened up the bag of cement)


Spoons: NOW!!!!! (She, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches throw a lot of cement out of the bag right at the water monster making it stop in slow motion as it stops and it's frozen like a statue the water stops flooding around the world making it sink)

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Rebound: We did it we did it we did it we did it!! I knew we pups can do it!

Cupcake: Water Monster's frozen solid!

Patches: This mystery is solved by the Super Secret Pup Club! Hey, Lucky! Come back! We did it! We captured the Water Monster! (The Pound Puppies and the Kennel Kittens came back and saw that the water monster is frozen solid by cement)

Lucky: Good work, pups. You've captured the Water Monster.

Ace: Heh. I've told you that cement would work on water monsters.

Strudel: Now to find out who this water monster really is.

Dot: Wait! Mr. Chewy McFluffster! Use my dad's lucky hammering cement remover. (Hands it to Lucky)

Lucky: (Takes the hammering cement remover by paw) Thanks, Dot. (Uses the hammering cement remover by chipping him down to size revealing a woman named Mildred Abernathy)

Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel: Mildred Abernathy!

Mildred: (Groans) What happened? (Sees the Pound Puppies, Kennel Kittens and Super Secret Pup Club) You! I should've known. You've set me up for this! I'm calling the pound.

Lucky: Actually, Mildred. It isn't going to work.

Mildred: (Gasps) You can talk! Dogs don't talk!

Ace: Seriously, You absolutely don't even remember a thing of being a monster?

Mildred: Cats don't talk ether!

Rebound: Here's comes Agatha!

Patches: And Mr. McLeish and Olaf too.

Cupcake: Great! (Leonard McLeish, Olaf and Agatha came toward Dot, the Pound Puppies, Kennel Kittens and the Super Secret Pup Club)

Leonard McLeish: What is going on around here?

Agatha: Oh, Rebound! My girl, are you all right?

Rebound: Oh I'm okay, Agatha check out your friend Mildred here! (Agatha sees her friend Mildred)

Agatha: Mildred. What happened to you?

Mildred: I was trying to get rid of those mean ol' cats for you, Agatha. But most importantly I just don't like them!

Kugel: Wait! I think what Tiny said is that he use to wash his claws by getting dirt off of him so that he could stay clean. But when he accidentally released the pipes they break as it starts flooding around the world filled with water everywhere.

Strudel: That would explain the clues we found around every house.

Mildred: Oooh! I was almost rid of them. And I've would've done it too if you weren't for you meddling talking dogs!

Cookie: And I think she knows what she got it from.

Niblet: Now Mildred knows dogs and cats can talk.

Agatha: If there's anything I could do for a friend of mine.

Mildred: Maybe there is. (Cut back to Shelter 17 as the Pound Puppies, Kennel Kittens and the Super Secret Pup Club are in the kennel watching Agatha and Mildred having tea around the table)

Agatha and Mildred: (Laughing)

Lucky: Now this is more like it. Mildred and Agatha are really having a good time. I have to admit. We made a pretty good team of cats and dogs together. Maybe things would work out after all.

Squeak: Heh. Are you kidding? That was the best mystery solving ever!

Ace: Yeah. But first... The truth! Spoons, whenever did you get the pound puppy collar?

Spoons: Okay. I'll tell you. Thanks to the Super Secret Pup Club. They gave me this collar by riding on Salty's boat while we were on the mission getting the Krakken monster. And this badge reminds me that... Once a Pound Puppy, Always a Pound Puppy.

Fluffy: Why didn't you say so?

Squeak: Yeah. We're really sorry, Spoons. For a long long time taking you to the wrong perfect person.

Patches: Just wait until my sister sees us now.

Spoons: Yeah! Dogs and Cats working together capturing ghosts and monsters!

Ace: We'll leave you to it, kid. (The Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club laughed and so did the Kennel Kittens)

Patches Narrating: "Dearest General Dolly, We solve the mystery of the water monster thanks to us dogs and cats working together as a team. Looks like the Pound Puppies and Kennel Kittens could work together to solve many mysteries with ghosts and monsters after all. yours truly, The Super Secret Pup Club".