Lyrics #1: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #2: What's new pound puppies? we're gonna follow you you're gonna solve that mystery we see you pound puppies we're coming after you what's new pound puppies?

Lyrics #3: Don't look back, you may find another clue The perfect person, will be waiting here for you!

Lyrics #4: What's new pound puppies? we're coming after you you're gonna solve that mystery I see you pound puppies the trail leads back to you what's new pound puppies?

All Lyrics: na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na What's new pound puppies?!!!

Title: "What's New Pound Puppies"

(The episode begins as we see Patches' sister Roxie sticking out her tongue being carried by Leonard McLeish as he hands it to Olaf Hugglesbjork; his assistant)

Leonard McLeish: Yeesh!

Olaf: Oh good, sir! You've brought the puppy that looks just like Roxie!

Leonard McLeish: This is Roxie you nimrod! Her owner Molly is out on the camping trip with the high energy scouts this weekend. I need you to keep an eye on her while I'm in the office.

Olaf: No worries, sir. She and Patches will play together as a family. And so will the rest of the two puppies and a little kitten too. (Leonard McLeish hands Roxie to him and he puts her inside the kennel)

Leonard McLeish: Whew. Carry me.

Olaf: Sure thing, sir. (Carries Leonard McLeish all the way back to his office) Boy you look tiring after that dog catching job you're doing. (Rebound, Cupcake, Patches and Spoons came up and saw Roxie as Patches Narrates to this episode)

Patches Narrating: Pound Puppies log. We saw my sister Roxie dropped by at Shelter 17 while her owner Molly is away at the high energy scouts during her camping trip and now she's in the pound with us once again.

Roxie: Oh my. I didn't know my perfect person is at the camping trip. And now I'm at the pound! Hey, Patches!

Patches: Hey, Roxie! My dear sister! Girls! Guess who's staying with us on the team.

Rebound: Hi, Roxie! Let's play let's play let's play let's play let's play! Oh but first we like you to meet someone this is Spoons the kitten we go way back together as friends!

Spoons: Hi. I'm Spoons. We're gonna be best friends forever.

Cupcake: I've think the five of us should stick together as friends and as a team. 'Cause we're the Super Secret Pup Club.

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Lucky: (He, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel came out of the secret headquarters) Hey what's with all the celebration going on from up here?

Cookie: Is that Roxie that I hear?

Squirt: It is! We've placed here with her perfect person together. Hey, Roxie!

Roxie: Hey-ya, Pound Puppies! Long time!

Niblet: How's it going, Patches' sister?

Roxie: It's great. Molly's away for her camping trip this weekend so I get to stay with the team of the Super Secret Pup Club. I can't wait to go on the monster hunt with these pups and you Spoons.

Spoons: Yup.

Lucky: Uh yeah about that. There's a new monster we must go after. And it ain't going to be friendly.

Strudel: Scuba Diving Monster! It says here that he's glowing green like a ghost and he's out of the water of the ocean floor. What we need is my latest invention. Squirrels! (Mr. Nut Nut and Sparky brings in the fisher net 3000 and hands it to Strudel) Presenting the fisher net 3000.

Roxie: Ooh! The Fisher Net 3000.

Strudel: This baby can capture and harpoon this scuba diving monster as long as we grown ups catch this thief whatever's inside that thing.

Squirt: Which means this play time is no place for pups.

Lucky: They're right, pups. When you're grown up, then you'll become full fledged Pound Puppies and Kennel Kitten.

Patches: Whatever you say, Mr. Lucky.

Lucky: Great. Okay, Pound Puppies, all paws on deck! Ready?

Cookie: Ready as I'll ever be!

Lucky: Then let's go dogs go! (He, Cookie, Niblet, Squirt and Strudel took the fisher net 3000 and headed off out of the kennel and out of shelter 17 to get the scuba diving monster. Then Patches and his team the Super Secret Pup Club huddled for a team meeting)

Patches: So what do ya say we come up with our own mystery solving by finding our own clues?

Spoons: I'd say that's a catastrophe idea!

Roxie: Boy no matter what the Pound Puppies say you must be the excellent leader, dear brother.

Patches: This is our model for what we say. A pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup. Pup Club, are you in or are you in? 'Cause I'm in! (Runs off)

Rebound and Cupcake: Yay! Us too! (Runs off)

Roxie: Me three! (Runs off)

Spoons: Make that four! (Runs off)

Rebound: But wait! Grown up dogs like the Pound Puppies think that we're too little to join their team. So we made up our own five team of four pups and a kitten.

Spoons: We're gonna need a plan. And fast.

Patches: But hey. You saw how a giant dog like Lucky talked to a human like Dot Henderson right?

Cupcake: Yeah so?

Rebound: Go on!

Patches: I'd bet... if there's one human we talked too we'll find it. Or sometimes... it will find us.

Rebound: Shaggy dogs like, Niblet!

Cupcake: A Boxer like Cookie.

Spoons: A Chihuahua like Squirt.

Roxie: A sauce weenier dog like Strudel.

Patches: And dalmatian like me! But think of it this way. We maybe little puppies, but we have a heart strong as dogs! (The Super Secret Pup Club leave the kennel and out of shelter 17 by walking and marching to the song)

Music: "Hearts Strong as Dogs"

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: (Singing) We're the toughest little puppies around Got the moves got the mojo, no harder working puppies around We are a quintet, work as a team we'll be the first puppies on the flag waving scene! We get going when the going gets tough We know our very best is just never enough We're kinda short, but so what? We don't get defeated We could take a little break, but we don't need it We've got hearts as strong as dogs We've got hearts as strong as dogs We've got hearts as strong as dogs We've got hea-a-a-arts, hearts strong as dogs! When we put our minds together, we can achieve We are the Super Secret Pup Club, and you should believe We've got determination to represent the nation, For the win! We've got hearts as strong as dogs We've got hearts as strong as dogs We've got hearts as strong as dogs And we're playing to win as we run up to glory We can conquer any challenge we're in. We've got hea-a-a-arts, Hearts strong as dogs! Hearts strong as dogs! (Runs through the park and jumps up for joy and excitement as the song ends that is until Gina saw Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons singing and dancing)

[Note: This song is written and it's sung by My Little Pony Friendship is Magic]

Gina: (Gasps)

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: Whoa!!! (Falls down on the grass with a thud)

Gina: ...... Patches? You can talk!

Patches: Uh... No I can't.

Gina: Yes you did. I saw you and the puppies and a kitten. You were singing and dancing.

Cupcake: We did sing and dance. Then we'd talked.

Rebound: And talked and talked and talked and talked!

Patches: Actually we love human children that can hear us talking.

Rebound: We love love love love love our human children.

Roxie: But you've got to promise to keep this a secret for human adults like your mother alright?

Gina: I'm not so sure if I could keep it a secret to anyone.

Cupcake: You can trust Dot Henderson. A good friend of ours. So what do you say?

Gina: Oh. Dot Henderson fellow that I just met up with. Okay.

Spoons: Uh... yeah. Give us a minute would you, Gina is it? (She, Roxie, Rebound, Cupcake and Patches huddled up some more)

Rebound: (Panicked) What have we done, what have we done, what have we done?

Cupcake: I can't believe that we talked to a human.

Patches: Let's not panic. Remember what we said about finding a human to know that we can talk. If we're not careful, it'll mess up our whole pound puppy operation. And Kennel Kitten.

Roxie: Then when Lucky finds out we found a perfect person named Gina who knows and believes that dogs can talk.

Spoons: Let's go for it and find the scuba diving monster thingy. Gina, would you like to join our team?

Gina: Sure. (Runs toward the Super Secret Pup Club) Let's go get that monster.

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! (Scene fades to black. Scene fades back to where the Pound Puppies are about to test out the new fisher net 3000 while they wait for the scuba diving monster)

Lucky: All right, team. Do we have the fisher net 3000 ready?

Cookie: Ready as they'll ever be, Lucky.

Strudel: Okay then. When I give the signal, shoot the fisher net 3000 right over toward the scuba diving monster.

Squirt: This has got to be the right moment.

Mr. Nut Nut and Sparky: [Chatters; Here he comes!]

Scuba Diving Monster: (Comes out of the hide out glowing and laughing evily)

Strudel: Okay, Squirrels! Now!

Mr. Nut Nut: [Chatters; Firing!] (Presses the button on the fisher net 3000 before the Super Secret Pup Club and Gina came to the trap)

Gina, Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: Hey! (Got caught by a fisher net 3000)

Lucky: Pups? What are you doing? And why have you brought a little girl with you?

Gina: Hey... You dogs can talk!

Niblet: Oh great, Lucky now she knows dogs can talk.

Rebound: Oh guys can you imagine that we found another human who wants to join the team of Pound Puppies? Helping you solve the mystery of ghosts and monsters.

Roxie: Well she heard us singing and we let her join you guys.

Cookie: I dunno, pup club. She might be useful to the team as you pups and a kitten talk to her like you were not suppose too. At least remember the no talking rule.

Cupcake: Sorry, Cookie mommy.

Gina: Could we at least catch the scuba diving monster together?

Squirt: Yeah sure. As long as you can stick with us like Dot Henderson usually hangs around with us as a team member.

Gina: Thank you dogs. Will you let me out of this fisher net?

Strudel: It's the fisher net 3000 thank you very much. (Releases the fisher net 3000 by freeing Gina and the Super Secret Pup Club)

Sparky: (Chattering)

Strudel: What? He's heading toward the Pound Street? Why haven't you say so, Sparky?

Lucky: Looks like we're hoofing it. Meanwhile, let's split up and search for clues. Niblet, you go with the pup club along with Gina.

Niblet: You can always count on me, Lucky.

Lucky: Then let's go dogs go! (He, Mr. Nut Nut, Sparky, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel went this way to search for any clues as Niblet goes with Gina and the Super Secret Pup Club that way to Pound Street to search for any clues there)

Gina: Are all of you dogs this way?

Patches: Lucky's always taking charge as Pound Puppies leader.

Cupcake: We'll find a clue first to see what this scuba diving monster is leaving out.

Rebound: I get the feeling that people all over the world could be inside the costume.

Spoons: But it doesn't prove anything. Did you see how it leaves a seaweed lying all the way down on the sidewalk or the peer? I bet that's our first clue we've just found right now. (And there it was the seaweed on the sidewalk as Gina picks it up in her hand)

Gina: You were right. I wonder where it leaves seaweed all over the whole town.

Roxie: I hope Mr. Lucky was right. (Then we cut to Lucky, Cookie, Squirt, Strudel, Mr. Nut Nut and Sparky on the other side of Pound Street)

Squirt: Gee, I'm not so sure about this, Lucky. I mean another human in our pound what gives?

Lucky: Gina is Patches' perfect person remember? Finding a human is the pup club's very first mission. But we should leave this mission to the grown ups.

Cookie: Hold it, Lucky. I think we've found ourselves a clue.

Squirt: What is it?

Strudel: Let me take a look at it. (Sees a harpoon on the sidewalk) Ah-ha! Our second clue! Squirrels!

Mr. Nut Nut and Sparky: (Picks up the Harpoon) [Chatters; Harpoon!]

Lucky: A harpoon? Why would a scuba diving monster leave a harpoon on the sidewalk like that? Unless...

Cookie: This monster is starting to get on our nerves leaving stuff around the place. Just wait until I bite it!

Strudel: Hold it! We can't do that. Cookie, you're teeth are too hard for the scuba diving monster to be biting. What's important is that we find the way to catch it without biting it.

Squirt: Hope we find the last clue to this mystery. Let's get back to Niblet and the others.

Lucky: Come on. (He, Sparky, Mr. Nut Nut, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel went back to Niblet, Gina and the Super Secret Pup Club on the other side of Pound Street) Any luck, pups?

Niblet: Gina found a seaweed which is lying down on the sidewalk.

Strudel: And I've found this harpoon lying down on the other side of the sidewalk.

Cookie: What we need to find is the final clue to this mystery.

Squirt: Anyone get the feeling that we just saw something glowing around the street?

Gina: (Sees glowing green footprints on the street) Eww, what's that?

Rebound: Hey I know these prints. Those are Scuba Diving Monster Footprints! This must be the final clue to what we lead too.

Patches: Looks like we found a clue of our own huh?

Cupcake: And look how it leads too.

Roxie: We should follow it.

Spoons: Yeah. Catch that monster by the paw. And claw.

Lucky: Not so fast, pups. We need to stick together by following the scuba diving monster's footprints. Now come on. Let's go dogs go! (The Pound Puppies, Super Secret Pup Club and Gina follow the footprints to where they lead to where the scuba diving monster leads as it lead all the way to the dock of the pear where Claudio is fishing)

Claudio: Steady... Oh how I love to fish. (Then the scuba diving monster walked right passed him taking his fishing pole)

Scuba Diving Monster: (Laughs evily)

Claudio: Hey! You there with the helmet get back here with my fishing pole!! (Then the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club stopped and saw the Scuba Diving Monster heading to the pear back in the ocean)

Gina: (To Claudio) Excuse me, sir. I don't mean to interrupt but we need to borrow your boat. We have a scuba diving monster to catch.

Claudio: Sure you can, little girl.

Gina: Thanks, sir. Come on, dogs! (She, the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club went to get on the boat on the water to go after the scuba diving monster)

Claudio: Keep the doggies out of trouble!! (Gina, the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club got on the boat and put on their life jackets as they drove the boat away)

Gina: Hope we catch it on time. (They've looked underneath the water and spotted it)

Rebound: I'm going down there! Nothing's going to stop us dogs and a kitten by solving the mystery.

Cupcake: Me too.

Patches: I'm in.

Strudel: Wait! Take this harpoon with you that I've just found then capture the scuba diving monster underneath the water. (Hands the harpoon to Rebound, Cupcake and Patches)

Squirt: We're sending you down now.

Strudel: Ready...? Aim...!

Rebound, Cupcake and Patches: SUPER SECRET PUP CLUB GO!!! (Dives in the water with the harpoon in paw to find the scuba diving monster)

Strudel: Fire! (Rebound, Cupcake and Patches hold their breath underneath the water as they found the scuba diving monster. So they used the harpoon to capture it by tugging it out of the water)

Scuba Diving Monster: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (Getting pulled by the harpoon)

Rebound: (Pulls the harpoon rope up to get the Pound Puppies' signal)

Lucky: That's the signal. The pups did their job.

Cookie: We've gotta get em out of here!

Niblet: I'm coming for you sis! (Dives into the water by going underneath by saving Rebound, Cupcake and Patches and grabbing the scuba diving monster with a harpoon attracted to it as they got out of the water and got back on the boat)

Roxie: Good job, brother!

Spoons: We've caught the monster! We've caught the monster!

Gina: Yes! (Now we cut back to shelter 17 as Gina, the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club showed General Dolly, Dash Whipper and Agent Ping that they caught the Scuba Diving Monster)

Strudel: We've caught the Scuba Diving Monster unharmed by using the harpoon.

Dash Whipper: Good job, Pound Puppies. Especially you, SSPC.

Agent Ping: Will some puppy please reveal the diver's helmet before anymore disasters can happen?

Lucky: Okay. Let's see who this scuba diving monster really is shall we? (Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons removed the scuba diver's helmet revealing Mr. Stinkman)

Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Roxie and Spoons: (Gasps)

Dolly: Why if it isn't Mr. Stinkman? What was he doing in that scuba diving suit anyhow?

Lucky: Easy, Dolly. He had a puppy that we've just placed. (Then Beardy came out of the scuba diving suit)

Beardy: Hey!

Niblet: Hey, It's Beardy! Hi-ya, Beardy!

Beardy: Don't call me, Beardy! I'm telling ya my real name is Whiskers!

Roxie: I don't get it. How come Mr. Stinkman is the scuba diving monster, Patches?

Patches: You seen how we see through the underwater mission. Mr. Stinkman uses his scuba diving suit to act like a monster he is.

Cupcake: Once we seen it's face it was about to do it's job when we're in his way fishing for tasty fish.

Rebound: If he means fish, that means trout. Which is why it's so weird. Hey wouldn't be wrong if we accidentally talk to a human like Patches' perfect person Gina on our side?

Spoons: That's how we always find our clues together under the sea.

Strudel: I could have said it better myself.

Mr. Stinkman: And I wouldn't got away with it if it weren't for you, talking dogs. I'm calling Mr. McLeish to expose you all.

Beardy: Yeah. What he said. Wait. What? (Later, Leonard McLeish arrives toward Mr. Stinkman)

Lucky: Cheese it, McLeish. Everyone back to the kennel. (They do so except Gina who stayed here)

Leonard McLeish: Alright, Mr. Stinkman you've got some troubling explaining to do.

Mr. Stinkman: (Sighs)

Agent Ping: Okay I have to admit. You little ones are a natural. But this puppy tag that the kitten had on could be a spy on our whole pound puppy organization.

Spoons: Ping, I think puppies and kittens must work together as five members of real live puppies.

Dolly: Well we must be heading off. Oh. Before we leave, would any of you members of the Super Secret Pup Club give me a report for the lesson of ghosts and monsters?

Patches: Hmm... (Looks at Gina then realized what he was about to report to General Dolly) Actually, Dolly. Yes. "We've learned that my perfect person Gina helped us out on the mission of capturing that monster ever since we spoke to her. Now that there's the five of us members of the Super Secret Pup Club, there's a pup for every mystery and a mystery for every pup. And kittens too."

Spoons: Yeah.

Dolly: I'm so proud of you, Patches. I've told you to build up your own five members of the team.

Patches: Yeah. Can you imagine that? (He, Cupcake, Rebound, Roxie and Spoons laughed)