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The Finger-mabob 6000 is machine invented by Strudel that appeared in "Kennel Kittens Return".

Use Edit Edit

This machine, when placed on a paw, allows the Pound Puppies and other animals such as cats to grasp objects like humans do. It also "translates speech into human printing through the manipulation of a computer keyboard". In other words, it can type out whatever the user tells it to onto a keyboard.

Profile Edit Edit

The Finger-mabob's first and so far only appearance was in the episode "Kennel Kittens Return". The original purpose of the Finger-mabob was so that Strudel could type up an email claiming to be from the Mayor, telling McLeish that he wasn't allowed to build a hot tub on Shelter 17, as one would collapse the Pound Puppies'tunnels. The device went haywire when Strudel attempted to use a vacuum tube to run the Finger-mabob rather than a computer chip. Luckily, Squirt had a friend who could get the chip they needed from a toy company. Unfortunately, the finished device was stolen by the Kennel Kittens (who needed to get into a gated community locked by a keypad), before they could use it, leading to the events of the episode.