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The Free Kid Database (FKD for short) is a computer invented by Strudel and operated by her and her squirrel assistants. The Pound Puppies use it to find the perfect person for every puppy. Since they cannot read or spell, the computer's keyboard has buttons that have pictures of things related to dogs like a bone or a stick instead of numbers or letters.

On occasion, a robotic voice will come from the FKD. The voice usually is provided by Tress MacNeille. In "Hail to the Chief" and "Back in Action", the voice was provided by Lauren Tom.

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The FKD's first appearance in the series was in book form in "The Yipper Caper." The first time that it was seen in computer form was in "Taboo."

The computerized FKD also made a appearance in the flashback scenes of "The Call of the Squirreldog" where it was referred to by Lucky as the "new computerized Free Kid Database."

In "The Super Secret Pup Club" Patches and Cupcake pressed the red button with the "no dogs" picture, thinking it would help them. Because of their antics, the FKD system later blew up.

In "There's Something About Camelia" Strudel adjusted the FKD to be automated, which had chaotic results. This episode was also the first time that the FKD's robotic voice was heard.

In "The Pups Who Loved Me", Cupcake comments to Yakov that the FKD "blows up all the time." In the same episode, a high-tech, holographic version of the FKD was seen being used by British Pound Puppy agent Bondo.

In "Puddles the Problem Pup", Puddles ends up piddling while standing next to the FKD, causing it to short-circuit due to the moisture.

When the Pup club used the FKD in "Hello Kitten", Patches was able to press buttons without it blowing up (which was a letdown to Cupcake). However, the FKD did blow up after they left the room, leaving Cupcake disappointed that they missed it.

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