Madame Pickypuss

Madame Pickypuss is a Persian cat, and the best friend of Cuddlesworth. She is voiced by Tress McNeille.

Profile Edit Edit

Pickypuss first appeared in "The Prince and the Pupper." She could easily see that Squirt wasn't Cuddlesworth, and later helped him escape, so Cuddlesworth could come back to her.

In "The Ruff Ruff Bunch," Pickypuss came to the Pound Puppies for help finding Cuddlesworth, who had mysteriously disappeared. They soon found Cuddlesworth running a gang of street dogs. Pickypuss learned that Cuddlesworth had left after she had complimented him by calling him a "pussycat," unaware that a dog would consider such a word to be an insult. She and Cuddlesworth reconciled, and they, along with the Super Secret Pup Club, went to the spa.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • It is heavily implied that Pickypuss and Cuddlesworth are in a romantic relationship, especially in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch," where they call each other names like "darling" and "beloved."