Mayor Jerry is Leonard McLeish's boss and brother-in-law.

Personality EditEdit

The Mayor has a very self-centered personality. He is constantly pushing McLeish to do things for him, and berates him for making mistakes. He cares little for potential voters, desiring only their votes, and likes to mock them behind their backs.

Profile EditEdit

The Mayor first appeared in "The Yipper Caper", reluctantly attending the unveiling of a new kibble-dispensing machine that McLeish had bought. The machine backfired, spraying everyone present with kibble.

In "Nightmare on Pound Street", the Mayor coerced McLeish into looking after his childrenduring Halloween. Thanks to the Pound Puppies, the Mayor was led to believe that McLeish had gotten Freddie for the kids as a present, and commended him.

In "McLeish Unleashed", the Mayor finally promoted McLeish, placing Milton Feltwadle in charge of Shelter 17. However, after Feltwadle's machine went haywire (due to sabotage), the Mayor fired Feltwadle, and placed McLeish back in charge.

In "Squawk", the Mayor had taught a parrot he named Napoleon to recite a speech aimed to please pet owners. However, at the event itself, Napoleon repeated the disparaging remarks that the Mayor had said about pet owners in private. The Mayor was then bitten by Napoleon, who flew away afterwards.