Mutt is a dog whose primary job to to act as lookout for the Pound Puppies of Shelter 17. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Mutt has light-brown fur, dark brown ears, and a dark brown spot on his left eye. He will typically stick his head down a hole into the tunnels to announce when the pound has visitors.


Mutt first appeared in "The Yipper Caper" as a dog who had been put into a "tailspin" due toYipper's depression.

Mutt appeared in the background of some early season 1 episodes, but the first time he was seen announcing someone's arrival was in "The General," when he informed Lucky that a messenger had arrived from Pound Puppy Headquarters with an important message.

In "Mutternal Instincts," he was seen announcing the arrival of General Dolly and Agent Ping.

In "Barlow," he announced when Officer Ketchum arrived with what they thought was Dash Whippet's grand-pups.

In "There's Something About Camelia," he informed Cookie that Niblet had bitten into an extra spicy salsa packet and that things were "out of control."

He next appeared in "No Dogs Allowed", where he announced the arrival of Billy and Vanilli.

In "Hello Kitten," he announced to the pups that a new arrival was at the pound. What they didn't know was that the new arrival was actually a kitten.

In "Beauty is Only Fur Deep," he announced the arrival of what they thought was Champ. (In this appearance, Mutt was voiced by Jeff Bennett.)

In "Little Monster," Mutt announced that Noodles had arrived at the pound with J.D.

Mutt's most recent appearance was in "The Road to Empawerment."