Seymour and Tabitha

Seymour and Tabitha are the Mayor's children. They adopted Freddie in "Nightmare on Pound Street."

Seymour was voiced by Pamela Adlon, and Tabitha was voiced by Rachel Crane.

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In "Nightmare on Pound Street", they reluctantly went trick-or-treating with their uncle Leonard McLeish.

They were not very nice to their uncle and mistreated him badly. Seymour would make fun of his intentions and Tabitha would kick him in the shin. When he finally told them off for their behavior, they were very upset. They tried torturing him as payback, but Tabitha realized that all the flaws that he had pointed out were true and felt bad for hurting her uncle, convincing Seymour to be as well. Soon, they met Freddie and cheered up, adopting him in the process despite his looks. This made it possible for them to change for the better.

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  • Seymour and Tabitha look relatively close to Wednesday and Pugsley from The Addams Family

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