Teensy is a kitten that appeared in "Hello Kitten ".

Profile EditEdit

Teensy is a very small, scraggly alley kitten with a squeaky voice. She helped lead the Super Secret Pup Club and Spoons to the lighthouse and the D'Artista residence.

Teensy first met the Super Secret Pup Club and Spoons when they were asking for directions. She went along with them on their adventure to help find Spoons her perfect person. When the Kennel Kittens took Spoons away to the lighthouse, Teensy helped the Super Secret Pup Club find their way there.

Teensy was later adopted by the lighthouse keeper. He pretends that Teensy is his daughter and that a volleyball with a face painted on and a mop wig is his wife. Teensy loves the chum meal that the lighthouse keeper prepares.